CDHA Expands Pilot Grant Program

In our recent renewal proposal to NIA, CDHA successfully requested a large increase in pilot grant support. Our overall budget increased by over 50%, allowing CDHA to increase and broaden support to our affiliates. In addition to our annual competition, which most recently has funded 5 exciting projects around our themes, CDHA will now accept “rapid requests” for smaller funding amounts on a rolling basis. Like our annual competition, this new funding mechanism will prioritize projects that align with CDHA themes and will also prioritize projects led by junior scholars and underrepresented scholars. Rapid requests for funding can be sent to CDHA Director Jason Fletcher (, should be < 1 page, and focus on how the project aligns with CDHA themes and how the funds will be used as an investment to increase future external funding. Like the annual pilot competition, we seek to fund exciting and innovative work at the frontier of health and aging research.