Pilot Projects

2023-2024 Pilot Projects

Environmental Determinants of Premature Aging in Transportation and Construction Workforce

PI: Wan-chin Kuo

This project aims to (1) elucidate the environmental-biological pathways of premature aging in the transportation and construction workforce, (2) predict workers’ 24-hour activities based on the contextual cues identified in the Socio-Ecological Model, and (3) identify Just-in-Time Adaptive Interventions (JITAIs) strategies incorporating worker-centered care into systems-level changes and workers’ perspectives toward climate change policies. The ultimate goal of this work is to build worker-centered intelligent environments to alleviate health disparities among industrial workers across the nation and the world.

Rent and Mortality in the Metropolitan U.S.

PI: Max Besbris

This study offers multiple improvements in an effort to expand the literature on the relationships between housing and health. Specifically, it will use geographically fine-grained data on rent and changes in rent over a five-year period to estimate the effect of changes in rental housing prices on mortality in the urban U.S. It will (1) examine if rising rents at the county-level are related to increased mortality, (2) identify county-level heterogeneity in the effect of rental prices on mortality, and (3) estimate the relationship between county-level housing cost burden and mortality.

An Overlapping Cohorts Approach to Life Tables

PI: Héctor Pifarré i Arolas

This project constitutes a novel examination of key public health and social policy issues, guided by new analytical methods to study population level mortality patterns. In a manuscript (recently published in Epidemiology, a leading field journal), Arolas present preliminary findings based on an early version of this proposal’s approach and find that current Black-White mortality inequality in the U.S. is over 60% larger than documented by existing evaluations. The next step in this project will explore the implications of this methodology on a variety of key demographic and public health issues, including projects on the relative importance of major causes of death, and cause-related determinants of current trends on lifespan inequalities; this CDHA pilot grant will jump start this large research agenda.