Grant Acknowledgments

Acknowledging Grant Funding in Papers and Presentations

For researchers who receive any support from CDHA, including grant submission services, the use of the facilities, graduate training and/or research funds, please acknowledge this support in your publications and presentations.

If you are a CDHA affiliate and your work is aging-related, please include the center grant number (P30 AG17266). If you receive, or have received, support as a trainee, please include the T32 grant (T32 AG000129). Acknowledgement examples can be found in this document.

Public Access

All peer-reviewed journal articles supported by federal funding must be compliant with the federal public access policy. If a journal publisher does not submit to PubMed Central (PMC) on behalf of authors, the responsibly for submission to PMC falls on authors. CDHA affiliates can use UW’s BuckySubmit to begin the submission process.