Spring 2021

January 27: Introduction
Jordan Conwell, UW-Madison Sociology

February 3: Academic Job Market: Networking and Negotiation
Christine Schwartz, UW-Madison Sociology

February 10: Introduction to Spatial Analysis
Megan Bea, UW-School of Human Ecology

February 17: How I Found My Dissertation Topic
CDE/CDHA students

February 24: Individual Research Consults
Jordan Conwell, UW-Madison Sociology

March 3: Mini Talks by CDE/CDHA/HDRS Postdocs
Jordan Conwell, UW-Madison Sociology

March 10: Research Methods: Selection
Jason Fletcher, UW-Madison Public Affairs and Sociology
John Mullahy, UW-Madison Population Health Sciences

March 17: Causal Inferences and Other Approaches for Compelling Explanations
Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology

March 24: Research Methods: The Role of Time in Family Demographic Research
Marcy Carlson, UW-Madison Sociology
Felix Elwert, UW-Madison Sociology

March 31: Strategies for Research and Networking
Alejandra Ros Pilarz, UW-Madison Social Work

April 7: PAA Practice Talks
Regular Sessions I
Leafia Ye: Divergence after Convergence: Widening Nativity Gaps in Income in Mid-to-Later Life
Shiro Furuya and Jia Wang: Early Childhood Conditions and Later-life Loneliness in the United States
Jason Robey, Michael Massoglia, and Michael Light: Stubborn Differences: The Lasting Impact of Judicial Appointments on Criminal Sentencing
Boyan Zheng: Intergenerational Transmission of Skill Cultivation and Emotional Warmth Parenting: The Role of Cultural Capital, Economic Capital, and Childhood Divorce Experience

April 14: PAA Practice Talks
Regular Sessions II
Kelsey Wright: ’Safer-at-home’: How Shifting Daily Realities Affect Childbearing Decisions, Aspirations, and Practices
David Mallinson, Felix Elwert, and Deb Ehrenthal: Gestational Age and Siblings’ Literacy: Spillover Effects in the Family
Flash Sessions
Sharada Dharmasankar: Minimum Wage Policies and Racial Inequality
Megan Agnew: Innovative Methods in Spatial and Environmental Demography

April 21: PAA Practice Talks
Regular Sessions III
Shiro Furuya, James M. Raymo, and Ryohei Mogi: Living Arrangement and Chronic Loneliness at Older Ages: A Comparative Study in Europe
Lindsay Cannon and Emma Romell: Gender Division of Labor and Relationship Quality Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Won-tak Joo, Michal Engelman, Alberto Palloni, and Jason Fletcher: Longevity and in Utero Exposure to the Influenza Pandemics in the 19th Century
Ariane Ophir: Family Complexity and the Division of Household Labor

April 28: PAA Practice Talks
Rachel Rosenfeld: Water Toxins and Social Disparities in the Mississippi Delta Region
Shiro Furuya, Jason M. Fletcher, and Qiongshi Lu: The Big (Genetic) Sort? Reassessing Migration Patterns and Their Genetic Imprint in the UK
Emma Romell: Family Complexity and Teacher Perceptions of Parental Supportiveness
Shiro Furuya, Jason M. Fletcher, and Qiongshi Lu: Misfit of Circadian Rhythm against Social Time
Alex Mikulas: Timing is Everything: Identifying How the Legacy of Slavery Relationship Changed over Time
Julia Thomas: Refugees from the Land of Cotton: Lynching and the Great Migration
Grace Venechuk: Employment Quality, Self-Rated Health and Allostatic Load among Working Americans
Leah Foltman and Grace Venechuk: Racial Fluidity in the United States: A Historical/Place-Based Analysis Using Census-Linked Administrative Data (CenSoc)

May 5: No class- exam week and PAA