Spring 2016

Friday, January 29
The Publication Process: Manuscript Submission, Revision, and Reviewing
Monica Grant, UW-Madison Sociology

Friday, February 5
GIS: An Overview
Malia Jones, UW-Madison Applied Population Laboratory

Friday, February 12
A Hands-on Introduction to Geospatial Analysis
Bill Buckingham, UW-Madison Applied Population Laboratory

Friday, February 19
Grant Writing: A Primer for Graduate Students
Pamela Herd, UW-Madison LaFollette School of Public Policy and Sociology
Lonnie Berger, UW-Madison School of Social Work

Friday, February 26
Academic Conferences: Beyond Presentations
Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology

Friday, March 4
Lifespan and Healthspan
Eileen Crimmins, University of Southern California

Friday, March 11
No Seminar today

Friday, March 18
PAA Practice Talks
Jessica Polos presents Cesarean Section, the Gut Microbiome and Children’s Health:
Investigating Causal Linkages
Catherine Doren presents Diverging Trajectories or Parallel Paths? The Gender
Earnings Gap by Education in Life Course Perspective
Ariane Ophir presents Changes in Romantic Relationships and Short-Term Fertility
Esteban Quinones presents Migration and Labor Outcomes in Southern Mexico
Ellen Dinsmore presents Mass Incarceration and the Intergenerational Transmission of
Disadvantage: Socioeconomic Attainment among Young Adults with an Incarcerated
Angie Forgues presents Multigenerational Effects of Early Life Health Shocks

Friday, March 25
Spring Break

Friday, April 1
PAA No Seminar

Friday, April 8
Justice and Research: What Big Data Can (& Can’t) Say about Inequality
Pilar Ossorio, UW-Madison Law & Bioethics

Friday, April 15
Displaying Quantitative Data
Karl Broman, UW-Madison Biostatistics

Friday, April 22
Confidentiality and Special Considerations in the Collection and Analysis of Quantitative
Marcy Carlson, UW-Madison Sociology
Pamela Herd, UW-Madison Public Policy & Sociology
Kristen Malecki, UW-Madison Population Health Sciences
Jim Raymo, UW-Madison Sociology

Friday, April 29
Careers outside Academia: Opportunities in Government Agencies and Research
Laura Blakeslee, Wisconsin Department of Health
Julia Goldberg, Mathematica

Friday, May 6
Academic Work and Life
Joe Conti, UW-Madison Sociology
Eva DuGoff, UW-Madison Population Health Sciences
Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology