Fall 2015

Friday, September 11
Introduction & Overview, Planning a PAA Submission
Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology
Jim Raymo, UW-Madison Sociology

Friday, September 18
Workshop PAA Abstracts
Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology
(Bring a draft.)

Friday, September 25
Faculty Job Market: What Do Hiring Committees in Sociology, Applied Economics,
Public Policy, and Public Health Look for?
Christine Schwartz, UW-Madison Sociology
Jason Fletcher, UW-Madison Public Policy & Sociology

Friday, October 2
Life Course Connections: Themes and Methods in Cutting Edge Research
Alberto Palloni, UW-Madison Sociology

Friday, October 9
Practice Job Talk: Intermarriage and Social Exclusion in China
Yu Wang, UW-Madison Sociology PhD Candidate

Friday, October 16
Writing a Dissertation Proposal
Amy Kahrmann Huseby, UW-Madison Writing Center

Friday, October 23
Socioeconomic Inequality: An Economist’s Take
Steven Durlauf, UW-Madison Economics

Friday, October 30
Ethical Issues in Population Research
Paul Kelleher, UW-Madison Bioethics and Philosophy

Friday, November 6
Applying for & Making the Most of Postdocs
Jenna Nobles, UW-Madison Sociology
Marcy Carlson, UW-Madison Sociology
Alyn Turner McCarty, UW-Madison School of Medicine

Friday, November 13
Inequality: Perspectives from Social Science and Population Health
Stephanie Robert, UW-Madison Social Work & Population Health

Friday, November 20
Methodological Advances: Rethinking Interaction Effects
John Mullahy, UW-Madison Population Health

Friday, November 27
Thanksgiving Break

Friday, December 4
Practice Job Talk: Who Helps the Unemployed? Young Workers’ Receipt of Private Cash
Kathryn Edwards, UW-Madison Economics PhD Candidate

Friday, December 11
Practice Job Talk: The Formation and Human Capital Consequences of High School
Social Networks
Sean Lewis-Faupel, UW-Madison Economics PhD Candidate