Spring 2014

Friday, January 31
Disability Insurance and the Medicare Waiting Period
Kathryn Edwards, UW Economics

Friday, February 7
Hiring & Negotiating from the Search Committee’s Perspective
James Montgomery, UW Sociology
Don Moynihan, LaFollette School of Public Affairs

Friday, February 14
Responsible Conduct of Research
Jim Raymo, UW Sociology
Marcy Carlson, UW Sociology

Friday, February 21
Segmented Assimilation and Adolescent Outcomes
Christina Diaz, UW Sociology
Family Structure History and Young Adults Receipt of Financial Aid
Julia Goldberg, UW Sociology

Friday, February 28
Publishing Demographic Research in Generalist, High-Impact Journals
Ananth Seshadri, UW Economics
Christine Schwartz, UW Sociology

Friday, March 7
no seminar this week

Friday, March 14
Regression Discontinuity Estimates
Jesse Gregory, UW Economics

Friday, March 21
Spring Break no CDHA seminar

Friday, March 28
Population Immunology and Health Disparities
Jennifer Beam Dowd, CUNY Public Health
This seminar is jointly sponsored with the RWJF Health & Society Scholars

Friday, April 4
Responsible Conduct of Research: Generating and Reviewing Academic Writing
Tonya Schmidt, Assistant Dean of Students
Elisabeth Miller, UW Writing Center
Nora Cate Schaeffer, UW Sociology & UW Survey Center
Jenna Nobles, UW Sociology

Friday, April 11
Instrumental Variable Estimates
Felix Elwert, UW Sociology

Friday, April 18
PAA practice talks by CDHA students and faculty
Wednesday, April 23
PAA practice talks by CDHA students and faculty

Friday, April 25
Epigenetic, Developmental and Intergenerational Embodiment of US Social Disparities
in Health: The Case of Cardiometabolic Disease
Christopher Kuzawa, Northwestern University Anthropology

Friday, May 2
PAA meetings no CDHA seminar

Friday, May 9
Revisiting Propensity Score Estimation: Important Changes in Stata 13
Russell Dimond, SSCC
Jenna Nobles, UW Sociology