Fall 2013

Friday, September 13
Writing successful conference abstracts
Michael Massoglia,UW Sociology

Friday, September 20
University of Wisconsin Microbiome Symposium
Speakers and topics for this workshop can be viewed in this agenda. Watch recorded
webcast here:

Friday, September 27
Coresidential Eldercare and Female Labor Market Decisions
Nicole Hair, UW Department of Population Health

Friday, October 4
Designing a Webpage; Promoting Research
Caitlin Teft, SSCC

Friday, October 11
Life History and Work in Evolution
John Hawks, UW Anthropology

Friday, October 18
Mortality Selection: What We Can and Can’t Learn about Inequality
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, UW Sociology

Friday, October 25
Racial Composition and Black-White Inequality
Heather O’Connell, UW Sociology

Friday, November 1
Work-Flow of Data Analysis; Stata 13’s Project Manager
Russell Diamond, SSCC
Jenna Nobles, UW Sociology

Friday, November 8
Late Career Job Loss and the Labor Supply of Older Workers
Irina Murkuryeva, UW Economics

Friday, November 15
Managing Data, Minimizing Error, and Developing Self-Checking Programming
Alicia VanOrman, UW Sociology
Bo Hee Min, UW Sociology
Sean Lewis-Faupel, UW Economics

Friday, November 22
Integrating Genetic Data into Social Science Research
Jason Fletcher, UW LaFollette School of Public Affairs

Friday, November 29
No meeting; University Holiday

Friday, December 6
Academic Writing and Journal Submission
CDHA Faculty: Carlson, Palloni, Mullahy, Nobles