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DemSem Presentations Related to CDHA Research Themes

Fall 2020

Tuesday, October 20
Hal Caswell (University of Amsterdam)
Response by Jenna Nobles (UW-Madison)
The Formal Demography of Kinship

Tuesday, October 6
Christine Durrance and Sam Trejo (UW-Madison)
The Consequences of Prenatal Substance Exposure for Maternal and Infant Health/  Exploring Genetic Influence on Birth Weight

Tuesday, September 15
Lauren Schmitz (UW Madison)
Leveraging the Genome to Evaluate the Impact of the Social Environment
Megan Bea (UW-Madison)
Social and Spatial Inequalities in Household Finance
Join via BB Collaborate: https://go.wisc.edu/235614

Summer 2020

Friday, May 29
Wendy D. Manning (Bowling Green State University)
Social Science Research and Social Distancing: COVID-19 Research Opportunities and Challenges

Elizabeth Wrighley-Field (University of Minnesota)
What Can We Learn from Cities’ Stop/Start Patterns of Social Distancing in the 1918 Flu Pandemic

Spring 2020

Tuesday, January 28
Katie Jajtner (UW-Madison)
Multiplex Intergenerational Mobility

Tuesday, February 11
Xi Chen (Yale University)
Health Inequality over the Life Course for Chinese and Americans: Comparative Evidence from Machine Learning and Conventional Methods

Tuesday, March 10
Scott Lynch (Duke University)
Refining the Role of Childhood SES in Adult Health

Fall 2019

Tuesday, September 10
Monica Deza (CUNY)
The Intergenerational Effects of the Vietnam Draft on Risky Health Behaviors

Tuesday, October 1
L.H. Lumey (Columbia University)
Natural experiments to study the impact of early life shocks on long term health: The use of famine studies

Summer 2019

Wednesday, May 29th and Thursday, May 30th

Summer DemSem: Population Science in Critical Perspective

Spring 2019

Tuesday, February 26
Katie Jajtner (UW–Madison)
Parent Disability and Child Education

 Fall 2018

Tuesday, October 9
Philipp Koellinger (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Large-scale Genome-Wide Association Studies of Socioeconomic Outcomes

Tuesday, October 23
Lauren Brown (University of Michigan)
Disentangling the Stress Process: Race/Ethnic Differences in Exposure and Appraisal of Chronic Stressors

Tuesday, October 30
Colter Mitchell (University of Michigan)
Biological Mediators and Moderators of Social Disadvantage

Tuesday, November 27
Christopher Seplaki (University of Rochester)
Dynamics of Health in Later Life and Implications for Mechanisms of Health Disparity

Tuesday, December 4
David Rehkopf (Stanford University)
Social and Biological Perspectives on the Role of Employment Policies of the 1930s on Aging

Spring 2018

Wednesday, March 7, 4:00pm Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID)
Janet Gornick (CUNY)
Women, Work, and Care: What Can We Learn from Cross-National Comparisons?

Co-Sponsored with the Jean Monnet European Union Center of Excellence, Institute for Research on Poverty, and the La Follette School of Public Affairs.

Tuesday, March 20
Sarah Gollust (University of Minnesota)
Media and the Marketplace: Assessing the Relationship between Media and Health Insurance Behaviors in a Politically Polarized Information Environment

Fall 2017

Tuesday, September 26
Jeremy Freese (Stanford University)
The Promise and Puzzles of Polygenic Scores: Evidence from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study

Tuesday, October 17
Melinda Mills (Oxford University)
A Molecular Genetic Approach to Fertility Behavior

Tuesday, November 14
Michel Guillot (University of Pennsylvania)
Does the Migrant Mortality Advantage Persist for the Second Generation? New Evidence from France

Tuesday, December 5
Melvin Stephens (University of Michigan)
The Impact of Health on Labor Market Outcomes: Experimental Evidence from MRFIT

Tuesday, December 12
Robert Hummer (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)
Leveling the Playing Field? Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Infant Health and Mortality among Low Risk Women in the United States

Spring 2017

Tuesday, January 31
Jason Fletcher (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Intergenerational Transmission of Economic Status: New Evidence of Gene-Environment Interactions 

Tuesday, February 7
Tod Hamilton (Princeton University)
Selective Migration and the Health of Black Immigrants in the United States 

Tuesday, February 14
Fernando Riosmena (University of Colorado-Boulder)
Identifying Explanations of the Hispanic Health Paradox, Immigrant Adaptation, and Neighborhood Effects on Health

Tuesday, February 28
Hedy Lee (University of Washington)
#SayHerName: The Health Consequences of Mass Imprisonment for (Black) Women
Co-sponsored with Institute for Research on Poverty 

Tuesday, March 7
Maria Glymour (University of California-San Francisco)
A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: Why Epidemiologic Research on Dementia Tells Us More about Child Development than about Alzheimer’s Disease

Tuesday, March 14
Dennis Feehan (University of California-Berkeley)
Using Sampled Social Network Data to Estimate Adult Death Rates

Tuesday, March 28
Amy Kind (UW-Madison School of Medicine & Public Health)
Harnessing a Geographic Approach to Inform Medicare Policy and Health Delivery for Disadvantaged Older Adults

Fall 2016

Tuesday, September 13
Ben Domingue (Stanford University)
Genetics and Social Status 

Tuesday, September 27
Jenifer Bratter (Rice University)
Putting “Mixed-Race” into Context: Assessing the Role of Neighborhood and Family Contexts for the Health of Multiracial Adults

Tuesday, October 11
Alison Buttenheim (University of Pennsylvania)
Behavioral Economics and Global Health: Promise vs. Practice 

Tuesday, October 25
Deborah Carr (Rutgers University)
Do Marital and Kin Support Enhance (or Undermine) Older Adults’ Well-Being?: New Evidence from the DUST Study

Tuesday, November 15
Rob Warren (University of Minnesota)
Car Crashes, Drug Overdoses, Suicides, & Murders: Predictors of Early Death in High School & Beyond

Spring 2016 

Tuesday, February 2
Jim Smith (RAND)
Consumption and Income Inequality and Subjective Well-Being in China

Tuesday, February 16
Diane Lauderdale (University of Chicago)
Sleep and Health: Why Do Associations Depend on How Sleep is Measured? 

Tuesday, April 12
Adriana Lleras-Muney (University of California-Los Angeles)
The Impact of Economic Conditions on Mortality over the Lifetime

Wednesday, April 13 3:00pm
Joel Gelernter, MD (Yale) Hilldale Lecture at Waisman Center
Navigating Addiction Genetics with a Map of the Human Genome 

Tuesday, April 19
Katherine Lin (CDHA post doc)
When Can You Have It All? The Role of Gender and Life Course Stage in the Career Decisions of Medical Trainees

 Tuesday, April 26
Joseph Quinn (Boston College)
The New World of Retirement Income Security in America

Fall 2015

Tuesday, October 20
Kristen Malecki (UW Population Health Sciences)
Neighborhood Perceptions, Air Quality and Lung Function-Findings from the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin

Tuesday, October 27
Jennifer Karas Montez (Syracuse University)
When Geography and Gender Collide: Explaining Inequalities in Adult Mortality Among U.S. States

Tuesday, November 3
Bhash Mazumber (Chicago Federal Reserve)
Estimating the Effect of Education on Mortality in the Presence of Migration: Evidence from the Jim Crow South 

Tuesday, November 10
Zoya Gubernskaya (University of Albany-SUNY)
Age at Migration and Health of Older Immigrants in the United States

Tuesday, December 1
Eva DuGoff (UW Population Health)
Multimorbidity Trajectories Among Older Adults in the Medicare Program 

Tuesday, December 8
Aaron Gullickson (University of Oregon)
Essential Measures: Ancestry, Race, and Social Difference

Spring 2015

Tuesday, January 27
Justin Denney (Rice University)
Same-sex Families and Health

Tuesday, February 17
Brent Huelth (UW Madison)
The RDC: introduction to data availability, policy, and procedure

Tuesday, March 24
Marguerite Burns (UW Madison)
Effects of the transition from Medicaid to Medicare on health care use for adults with mental illness

Tuesday, April 7
Jenae Neiderhiser (Penn State)
The Development of Parents and Children and the Interplay of Genes and Environments

Tuesday, May 5
Andrew Halpern-Manners (Indiana University)
The Relationship Between Education and Mental Health: New Evidence from a Discordant Twin Study

Fall 2014

Tuesday, September 23
Dan Benjamin (Cornell)
The Promises and Pitfalls of Genoeconomics

Tuesday, September 30
Vida Maralani (Yale)
Is Obesity in the Eye of the Beholder? BMI and Socioeconomic Outcomes Across Cohorts 

Tuesday, October 14
Chioun Lee (UW Madison Health Disparities postdoc)
Gender, Later Life Adversities and Health: Evidence from Taiwan

Tuesday, October 28
Atheendar Venkataramani (Massachusetts General Hospital)
Human Capital and Infectious Disease: Gender Differences in Investments and Outcomes 

Tuesday, November 11
Mike Lovenheim (Cornell)
How Does Access to Health Care Affect Health and Education? Evidence from Schoolbased Health Centers

Spring 2014

Tuesday, March 11
Christine Percheski (Northwestern University)
How Motherhood Timing Affects Women’s Poverty Risk and Family Income

Tuesday, March 25
Jason Fletcher (UW Madison LaFollette and Sociology)
Childhood Environments and Adult Health

Tuesday, April 1
Kate Kellog (MIT)
Low Status Brokers and Implementing Reform of Professional Work in Two Hospitals in Response to the Affordable Care Act

Tuesday, May 6
Daniela Hochfellner (University of Michigan)
International Data Sharing: Accessing German Social Security Data in the US