FMRI Lunch & Learn Lecture: Josh Goldstein (UC-Berkley), “CenSoc: A New Public Dataset to Understand Mortality”

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8417 Sewell Social Sciences
@ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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From Dr. Goldstein:

“The CenSoc project – so named because it links 1940 Census data with Social Security
Administration death records – is a new, large-scale, public microdata data set to be
used for advancing understanding of mortality disparities in the United States. The
project uses record linkage techniques to match deaths aged 65-and-over observed from
1975 to 2005 back to individual, family, and neighborhood characteristics in the census.
The use of modern data-linkage techniques allows us to construct a data set of about 15
million deaths, more than 30 times the size of the largest existing sample surveys. The
unprecedented scale and detail of CenSoc data allow researchers to make new
discoveries in areas such as (a) mortality disparities by education, national origin, and
race; (b) early life conditions and later-life mortality; and (c) geographic variation and
the neighborhood determinants of mortality. These topics are of increasing importance in
understanding increases in disparities in life expectancy in the United States.”