Fall 2022

September 7: Introductions

September 14: PAA Abstract Panel
Michal Engelman (UW Sociology), Corina Mommaerts (UW Economics)

September 21: The Publication Process, Matt Wiswall (UW Economics)

September 28: PAA Abstract Workshop, Max Besbris (UW Sociology)

October 5: No Class – Yom Kippur

October 12: Bayesian Model Selection and Model Uncertainty, David Kaplan (UW Educational Psychology)

October 19: Asking Research Questions, Meg Bea (UW Human Ecology)

October 26: Interacting with Advisors/Mentors, Marcy Carlson, (UW Sociology)

November 2: Interpreting Nonlinear Models, John Mullahy (UW Population Health Sciences)

November 9: What is an Academic Job? Jason Fletcher (UW Public Affairs/Sociology/Economics)

November 16: Where to find Spatial Data, Marah Curtis (UW Social Work)

November 23: No class –day before Thanksgiving recess

Nov 30: Mixed Methods Demographic Research, Sarah Halpern-Meekin (UW Human Development and Public Affairs)

December 7: Equitable Health Measurements and Health Demography Careers, Amanda Gatewood and Nicholas Schmuhl (UW Population Health Institute)