Faculty Showcase: Health and Aging Research at UW–Madison

On November 9th, CDHA hosted its first faculty showcase on aging research. The event gave faculty and graduate students the opportunity to connect with one another and potentially launch new interdisciplinary research projects focused on aging. Ten faculty affiliates representing seven different departments each gave ten-minute lightening presentations on their past and current research in an effort to forge new working relationships from colleagues across the university campus.

Session 1 of the event featured presentations by Jason Fletcher (CDHA director), Michal Engelman (sociology), Corina Mommaerts (economics), Jooyoung Kong (social work) and Qiongshi Lu (biostatistics and medical informatics).

Presenters in session two included Gwyn Pauley (economics), Corinne Engelman (population health sciences), Stephanie Robert (social work), Stacey Schaefer (Center for Healthy Minds), and Lindsay Jacobs (public affairs).

For more details, see the schedule, photo gallery, and slideshows.