Fall 2017

Wednesday, September 6
Intro & Overview of the Graduate Training Program
Marcy Carlson, UW-Madison Sociology
Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology
John Mullahy, UW-Madison Population Health
Jenna Nobles, UW-Madison Sociology
Jim Raymo, UW-Madison Sociology

Wednesday, September 13
Writing a Strong Conference Abstract
Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology
Wednesday, September 20
Workshop PAA Abstracts
Jenna Nobles, UW-Madison Sociology

Wednesday, September 27
The Institutional Review Board: What You Need to Know
Casey Pellien, Social & Behavioral Sciences IRB

Wednesday, October 4
Separating Social and Biological Processes: Relative versus Absolute Body Weight and Youth Outcomes
Jinho Kim, UW-Madison Sociology

Wednesday, October 11
Introducing the Health Disparities Postocs
Chenoa Allen, Linnea Evans, Madelyne Greene, & Emily Hendrick, Health Disparities Research Scholars
Megan Zuelsdorff, Center on Demography of Health and Aging, Postdoctoral Fellow
Wednesday, October 18
Make Your Publications Public: Federal Access Requirements and Research Profiles
Ryan Schryver, Ebling Library
Trisha Adamus, Ebling Library

Wednesday, October 25
Create Your Own Professional Website
Caitlin Tefft, UW-Madison Social Science Computing Cooperative

Wednesday, November 1
Age-Period-Cohort Models & Controversies
Ethan Fosse, Princeton University

Wednesday, November 8
R skills: dplyr & ggplot
Nathan Jones, UW-Madison Survey Center
Jenna Nobles, UW-Madison Sociology

Wednesday, November 15
Formal Demography: State of the Field
Michel Guillot, University of Pennsylvania

Wednesday, November 22
Thanksgiving Break

Wednesday, November 29
Methods for Panel Data
Jim Walker, UW-Madison Economics
Wednesday, December 6
Population Studies in Historical and Critical Perspective
Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology

Wednesday, December 13
Framing and Developing Your Research Agenda
Robert Hummer, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill