Workshop Proposals

Request for Workshop Proposals

The Center for Demography of Health and Aging invites interested investigators to submit proposals for workshop funding for 2022-2023. Workshop proposals may be submitted on a variety of research topics. Although we welcome proposals in all areas of aging, CDHA seeks to prioritize pilots that fit or expand its thematic areas. Please view our full request for proposals.

We welcome proposals that focus on:

  1. Aging and the life course: Attention to linkages between late life health, social and economic outcomes and events in utero, early and middle age.
  2. Biodemography: Health status, mortality, cognitive deterioration, senescence and the role played by gene- environment interactions, epigenetic processes, hormonal dysregulation, and microbiotic changes.
  3. Determinants of disparities (racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, geographic) of aging trajectories: including health and mortality, family organization and support.
  4. Health economics/policy approaches to aging questions: Retirement, health care, etc.
  5. Impacts of place on aging processes.

Anticipated budget between $5,000-15,000.