Health Economics Working Group Events – 2017

December 8th, 2017
Place: Memorial Union, Langdon Room (4204)

Anita Mukherjee:
The Moral Hazard of Lifesaving Innovations: Naloxone Access, Opioid Abuse, and Crime”
Gwyn Pauley:
The Lifetime Cost of Serious Mental Illness
Jason Fletcher
“C-sections and child health


November 17th, 2017
Place:  Memorial Union, Profile Room (2318)

Lindsay Jacobs:
A Burnout-Recovery Model to Explain ‘Reverse Retirement’”
Naoki Aizawa:
Local Market Equilibrium and the Design of Public Health Insurance Program
Hessam Bavafa
The Impact of E-Visits on Visit Frequencies and Patient Health: Evidence from Primary Care
Corina Mommaerts
Optimal Time Spans for Health Insurance Deductibles