Health Economics Working Group Events – 2018

Thursday December 13, 2018
3-5pm in Memorial Union, Profile Room (2318)

Mustafa Hussein–Living Wage and Health
Geoffrey Wallace–Measuring Cognition in the HRS data

Friday November 16, 2018
3-5pm in Memorial Union, Capital View Room

Bob Batt–Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program
Lindsay Jacobs–Occupation and Cognition

Friday October 19, 2018
3-5pm in Memorial Union, Capital View Room (4th Floor)

Margie Rosenberg–Clustering Techniques for Predicting Health Expenditures
Katie Jajtner–Intergenerational Mobility and Disability Status

August 9 2018
4-6PM in Memorial Union, Council Room (4th Floor)

Naoki Aizawa: “Labor Market Screening and Social Insurance Program Design for the Disabled”
Chad Cotti:  SNAP timing and Medicaid utilization

July 6, 2018
3-5 PM, Memorial Union, State Room East (4th Floor)

Marguerite Burns: Effects of implementing parity for mental health and substance use disorder in Medicaid
Justin Sydnor:  Liquidity Constraints and Health Insurance Choices
John Mullahy: Composite Health Outcomes and Multidimensional Treatment Effects

June 22, 2018 
3-5pm, Place: Memorial Union, Beefeaters Room (3rd Floor)

Hessam Bavafa: The Impact of New Service Delivery Models on Work Hours and Quality: Evidence from Primary Care
Anita Mukherjee: Wealth and Disability-Free Life Expectancy
Corina Mommaerts: The Cyclicality of Informal Care

May 11, 2018
4-6pm, Place: Memorial Union, Council Room (4195)

Yang Wang: Nurse Deregulation
Bobbi Wolfe: Early Life Health and Life Course Earnings

Discussion: CDHA