2019 Meetings & Events

November 15, 2019
3–5 pm, Memorial Union, Profile Room – 2nd Floor
“Government Advertising in Market-Based Public Programs: Evidence from the Health Insurance Marketplace,”  Naoki Aizawa (UW–Madison)
“Multidimensional Health Measurement and Analysis,” John Mullahy (UW–Madison)

October 11, 2019
3–5 pm, Memorial Union, Old Madison
OptumLabs discussion with Joe Henk
New UW–Madison Faculty Showcase: Lauren Schmitz, Rebecca Myerson, and Mariétou Ouayogodé

September 12, 2019
3–4:30 pm, Memorial Union, Beefeaters
“Local Access to Mental Healthcare and Crime,” Monica Deza (Hunter College, CUNY), CDHA Visiting Scholar

May 10, 2019
3–5 pm, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery – Room 1260
End of Semester Event
Discussion with Trevor Sawalish (Children’s Minnesota) about potential collaborations and data availability and new colleague Lauren Schmitz, who will join La Follette in the fall.
4 pm, Reception at Steenbocks on Orchard

May 3, 2019
3–5 pm, Memorial Union, Council Room – 4th Floor
“Intergenerational Health Mobility,” Katie Jajtner (UW–Madison)
“Application of a Longitudinal Matching Algorithm to Clinical Trial Data,” Cornelia Ilin (UW–Madison)

March 29, 2019
3–5 pm, Memorial Union Room, Class of 1924 Room – 4th Floor
“Differential Responses to the Minimum Legal Drinking Age Law,” Jason Fletcher (UW–Madison)
“Medicaid Expansions in Wisconsin,” Gwyn Pauley (UW–Madison)