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Social Genomics Meetings

Summer 2020

June 9
Jiacheng Miao: “Quantile regression approach to detect vQTL”

June 30
Philipp Koellinger: Genetic and neuroscientific insights on socio-economic status based on results from two ongoing projects; summary of BIG BEAR consortium projects

July 7
Boyan Zheng: “Genetic-by-Peer-Environment Interaction Effects on Adolescent Substance Use”

July 14
Rebecca Johnson (Dartmouth), guest presenter: “v-PGS: A New Tool for G x E” (Video)

August 4
Xiaoyuan Zhong: “Understanding participation bias in UK Biobank”

August 11
Joseph Clark: “Religious Context and Genetic Influences on Adolescent Drinking”

August 18
Frank He: “Examining polygenic protective effect in ADHD” (with James Li and Qiongshi Lu)

August 25
Sam Trejo: “The Phenotype Differences Model: Identifying Genetic Effects with Incomplete Sibling Data”

Spring 2020

January 22
Introductions and project updates
Lauren Gaydosh (Vanderbilt), guest attendee

January 29
Yuchang Wu: Updates on (1) Genetics meets population science: understanding the importance of response rates in genetic; (2) Discovery and prediction in the UK Biobank; and (3) Dissecting direct and indirect genetic effects using GWAS summary statistics.

February 12
Lauren Schmitz: “Exploring the Landscape of Gene-Environment Interplay Using Functionally-Annotated Polygenic Scores”
Jason Fletcher: “Social Constraints, Genetic Penetrance, and Gender Gaps in Schooling:  A Reappraisal” (with Boyan Zheng and Qiongshi Lu)

February 19
Discussion on local genetic correlation; and “How to pick a research topic”

February 26
Julie Goodwin and Lauren Schmitz / Qiongshi Lu and Jiacheng Miao: V-PGS Methods and Results

March 4
Discussion on GWAS on age at first marriage

March 11
Hyunseung Kang and Sheng Wang: “Causal Effect of Education on Alzheimer’s Disease using Mendelian Randomization”

Jason Fletcher: “Effects of Fertility on Life Course Outcomes: Evidence from a Novel Genetic Instrument” (with Boyan Zheng and Qiongshi Lu)

March 25
Jingqi Duan: “The Causal Role of Sleep on Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease” (with Hyunseung Kang)

April 1
Jason Fletcher: “The Production of Within-family Inequality: Insights and Implications of Integrating Genetic Data” (with Yuchang WuZijie Zhao, and Qiongshi Lu)

April 22
Yuchang Wu: “Dissecting direct and indirect genetic effects using GWAS summary statistics”

April 29
Lauren Schmitz: “Social Determinants of DNA Methylation Signatures in MESA”

Fall 2019

September 9
Introductions and project updates
Lauren Schmitz: Updates on Specific Aims for R21
Yuchan Wu: Updates on (1) Birth order GWAS+PGS project; (2) Sex-stratified GWAS on smoking behavior in the UKBB; and (3) GWAS of AD family history in the UK Biobank.
Discussion on building an infrastructure to share AddHealth/WLS/HRS genetic and phenotypic data between groups.

September 16
Amy Cochran (UW–Madison, Population Health), guest presenter: “Gene-Set Enrichment with Mathematical Biology”

September 30
L.H. Lumey (Columbia University), guest attendee

October 7
Project updates; and IGSS summary and reflection

October 21
Student Presentations:
Sheng Wang and Zijie Zhao: “The Nature of Nurture”
Julie Goodwin and Eva Vasiljevic: “Variable Prediction Accuracy of PGS Within Ancestry Group”

October 28
Student Presentations:
Julia Carlson, Joseph Clark, and Yuexuan Xu: “Clinical Use of Polygenic Risk Scores (PRS)”
Shiro Furuya and Boyan Zheng: “Deconstructing the sources of genotype-phenotype associations”

November 4
Kevin Thom (UW–Milwaukee), guest attendee

November 11
Lauren Gaydosh (Vanderbilt), guest attendee
Philipp Koellinger (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), guest presenter: Showcase and GIV/MR short course
Student Presentations:
Eva Vasiljevic: “Effect of early-life nutrition on dementia: a natural experiment leveraging the US pellagra epidemic”
Boyan Zheng: “Differential Genetic Susceptibility to Peer’s Depression: Methods and Findings”
Shiro Furuya: “Detecting Genetic Heterogeneities in Response to Trauma: The Case of 9/11”
Joseph Clark: “Religious Contexts and Genetic Influences on Drinking Behaviors”
Julie Goodwin and Lauren Schmitz: “The Impact of Job Loss and Genotype on Health and Health Behaviors”
Jiacheng Miao: “Testing gene-environment interaction without measuring the environment”
Yuchang Wu: “Birth order and smoking/pregnancy”; “Fine-tuning PGS” (Zijie Zhao‘s project)
Yuexuan Xu: “Social effects of baldness PGS”

November 18
Hyunseung Kang and Sheng Wang: “Causal Analysis of Educational Attainment and Alzheimer’s Disease: Mendelian Randomization and Instrumental Variable Approach”

November 25
Scott Hebbring (Marshfield Clinic), guest attendee
Discussion of collaboration opportunities

December 2
Qiongshi Lu: Updates on (1) Gamete simulation and its applications; (2) Dissecting direct and indirect genetic effects using GWAS summary statistics; and (3) Tissue-specific PGS.

December 9
Caiping Wei (UNC, Chapel Hill), guest presenter: “Genes, Gender Inequality, and Educational Attainment,” American Sociological Review paper